The cost of maintaining and repairing  an older pool can quickly outweigh the benefits to a homeowner. We are able to complete a pool fill in for a fraction of repair costs. Many pool fill ins can be completed in 2 to 4 days.

Pool Removal Procedure:

– Any standing pool water is pumped out.

– Any vinyl liners, aluminum trim, or plastic parts are removed and recycled.

– Large drainage holes are broken into the shallow and deep ends of the pool. Minimum 4 foot by 4 foot holes in both areas.

– Galvanized metal pools and Gunite (concrete) pools are cut and removed a minimum 24 inches below finished grade. Metal debris is recycled, while concrete is broken up into 12 inch by 12 inch pieces and placed at bottom of pool.

– If there is a large quantity of concrete deck around the pool it will be moved offsite and recycled. Smaller quantities can be broken up and placed at bottom of pool.

– Fill or Aggregates are brought in using wheelbarrows or skid steers.

– A mini-excavator is able to ramp into the pool to placed the fill or aggregate and constantly compact the newly placed fill.

– Area is graded with topsoil away from the home and sodded with fresh sod grass.

– All disturbed areas from machines are re-sodded or repaired.

– Materials are staged on the road and cleaned up daily.